JSEAM as a service


What is a JSEAM?

Code monkey? Musician? Meme lord? What even?

JSEAM is the nickname of Joshia Seam who's a try-hard at being cool. He is writing this in 3rd person because he is socially awkward. If you ever find JSEAM at your party it's because he accidentally wandered there. Just say hi, he won't bite, but he'll engage you in a conversation about some really abstruse topic that he's interested in but you aren't. Deal with it.

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This week we’ll take a look at all the steps required to make astonishing coffee with a Chemex at home. The Chemex Coffeemaker is a manual, pour-over style glass-container coffeemaker that Peter Schlumbohm invented in 1941, and which continues to be manufactured by the Chemex Corporation in Chicopee, Massachusetts. In 1958, designers at the Illinois Institute of Technology said that the Chemex…

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The SCAA updated the wheel to reflect the finer nuances needed to describe flavors more precisely. The new descriptions are more detailed and hence allow cuppers to distinguish between more flavors. While this is going to be a big change for professional coffee tasters, it means a lot to you as a consumer as well. We’ll explain how the wheel came to be, how pros use it and what the flavors…

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